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Script File Changes

Each PHP Script file must be changed to the new Script Server format. The changes are not dramatic, but required for the proper operation of the PHP Script Server. Follow the steps below to complete.

  1. Copy you existing script to a new name. The name must begin “ss_” followed by your script name. The “ss_” identifies the script as being a script server variety of the a PHP script. For example, if you previously had a script called “get_mysql_stats.php”, it’s new name would be “ss_get_mysql_stats.php”.
  2. Edit the new PHP script and add the following required lines to the file, where “ss_myfunction” is the same as your filename.

    $no_http_headers = true;
    /* display No errors */
    include_once(dirname(__FILE__) . "/../include/config.php");
    include_once(dirname(__FILE__) . "/../lib/snmp.php");
    if (!isset($called_by_script_server)) {
       print call_user_func_array("ss_myfunction", $_SERVER["argv"]);
  3. What was originally just mainline code, must be replaced with a function name. For example, if your program previously contained the following three lines of code:

    $a = 100;
    $b = $a / 10;
    print $b;

    Would become:

    function ss_myfunction() {
       $a = 100;
       $b = $a / 10;
       return $b;
  4. If you have any additional functions declared within your script file, you must prefix them to make then unique amongst all functions. Our recommendation would be to prefix all functions with the name of the main function. For example if you have a function called “meme” you would rename it to “ss_myfunction_meme”. This guarantee’s correct Script Server functionality.
  5. The last step is to change the function call that could have traditionally returned the value to the Cacti poller using the PRINT function. You must change that line or lines in your code to utilize the RETURN function instead. However, this does not apply to PRINT statements that are not called from the Poller.


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